if it makes you happy...

... it can't be that bad!

/ the 11,000 calorie oreo cookie cheesecake reuben and i made /

ok, i doubt cheesecake is good for you in any way, but apparently cottage cheese can help make you happy, along with pineapples and tofu. these all contain tryptophan, a happy molecule found in chocolate, too, along with theobromine:

/ theobromine molecule necklace by molecularmuse /

cocoa does good things for your blood pressure as well, though it probably doesn't balance out the damage of 2 pounds of cream cheese and 4 1/2 packets of oreos found in our cardiac arrest cheesecake.

/ night owl t-shirt on threadless /

coffee might lower your risk for oral cancer, but benefits can vary person to person.

/ tetris t-shirt on threadless /

one of my favourite games ever: tetris! i always knew it was awesome, but it might even be responsible for making you smarter.

/ cross stitch by argentacollaborative /

and then there's blogging, a therapeutic way of recording your personal experiences. i do like talking about things that make me happy, like shoes and food, or shoes made of food:

/ loafers via swissmiss /


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