nutrition was one of my favourite parts when working at wrr. i especially liked coming up with enrichment ideas or just any way to make the food more exciting. it was a bit like a treasure hunt every time you worked with the food, because you never knew what was going to be available or what kind of treasures you would find when you started that day. i remember getting a bit giddy when i would find something special, like fish or berries.

/ one of the old lions /

my two favourite things i remember making were guacamole stuffed pumpkins for the coatis and red meat stuffed chickens for the picky old lady lions who only wanted to eat chicken. i also loved going to feed the fennec foxes because they were just so freakin' adorable!

/ me giving an illegal belly scratch on christmas day 2005 /

i remember another christmas i spent working with animals, and i even recruited reuben to help out:

/ reuben helping with cleaning and feeding kiwi chicks on christmas morning 2007 /


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