wine thoughts

/ tagaris winery bordeaux style blend - very cute /

we opened up the frederick cellars reisling at reuben's parents' house last week and while it smelled nice and sweet, it was a bit off. jan said it tasted a bit corked, but while i've heard the term, i don't actually know what that taste is. it's a shame because i really liked that wine! i read that frederick cellars recently opened up a bistro there as well. that would have been nice to have when reuben and i visited on one of the fist saturdays back at the beginning of the year. while palmy doesn't really have anything remotely as interesting as frederick's first saturdays, there is a cool-sounding event up at massey in february called jazz & shiraz. it will be a good way to celebrate handing in my thesis :)

/ steuart padwick table via the contemporist /

i would love to have this as a side table. it would be a lot better than the dust collecting plastic and glass furniture in our apartment at the moment.

/ spinyback pinot noir /

a tasty wine from nelson featuring that supports the tuatara trust! it's nice to see new zealand wineries combining wine making and conservation. wwf new zealand made a limited edition vintage to support hector's and maui's dolphins.

since pinot noir has been my wine of choice this year, i've been paying attention to them a bit more than usual and apparently marlborough pinot noirs are getting quite popular. pinots seemed to do really well this year in the air new zealand wine awards held last week.

/ wine tote on /

reuben and i watched bottle shock over the weekend and it certainly had some parts that made us chuckle. it also made me start craving some white wines again. it may have had something to do with the weather warming up as well.


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