12 drummers drumming, 11 pipers piping

/ bagpipers and drummers in the square /

there's a scottish festival on today and we could hear the bagpipes playing since 8 o'clock this morning. i decided to head down and have a look, mostly because i read about the haggis pies that were meant to be there and i definitely wanted to have one! i didn't find haggis pies, only haggis sandwiches. and dozens of kilt-clad competitors.

/ christmas tree in the square /

i enjoyed the few days i spent in scotland, yes, even the haggis! and i've always loved plaid:

/ betsey johnson karatta boots via obsessed with shoes /

and whiskey!

/ whiskey stones on delight.com /

reuben promised me a big bottle of one of glenmorangie's 'expressions' range once i graduated - it won't be too long now!

and on a completely different topic - look at my basil! guess my worm fertiliser did a good job getting these little guys to grow in the dry, old potting soil i found in these pots. aston hasn't been hanging out in the big pot of grass as much as he used to, so i'm thinking i might try to get some catgrass or catnip to plant there :)

/ my baby basil /


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