exploring edinburgh

after a long sleep in the attempt to battle somejet lag, reuben and i decided to wander around and see some of the sites. it was a dreary day, but wandering was still on the agenda - first stop was edinburgh castle, of course. buuuut, then we found out it was rather expensive so we got in as far as we could, took pictures and moved on to something more entertaining: the whiskey tour! 'the scotch whiskey experience' was about an hour long guided tour that started with a short tasting class and ended with a disneyland-ish kind of ride in a whiskey barrel through the history of whiskey production. we wandered for a bit after that to and the next stop was the national art gallery. short and simple, really. a bit more wandering and then the whiskey or the fresh air must have hit reuben's brain because he actually offered to go shoe shopping with me!? unfortunately he must have regained sanity quick enough because i couldn't quite convince him to get a kilt, even though i think it would have looked hot on him. in the evening we met up with reuben's friends lisa and andrew, who are from new zealand and have been living and working in scotland a bit north of edinburgh. we opted for a nice looking pub on rose street, a cute little street that cuts through a few blocks of town and is dotted with pubs and bars. don't ever order nachos in scotland, you will just be disappointed.


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