so long en-zed!

my last few days in new zealand were spent in typical kiwi style with a visit to the beach. i was saying with ciaran a bit ouside auckland and since he was having some time off, he wanted to do something relaxing, so we headed to pakiri beach. we stopped for blueberry icecream in one of the little towns before the beach, which might make you think it was warm, but it really wasn't. just sunny enough to enjoy the outdoors. when we got there, ciaran was keen for a swim, but it was way too chilly for me! instead we just walked up the beach, which had just recently been hit with big storms so half the dunes were now missing. we managed to find a suitable dune out of the wind and took a nap in the sun for a bit, then headed back to the little town to get lunch. unfortunately our timing was off and no place was open for lunch, so we went back to ciaran's house to get changed and head out for dinner and a drink. after having my last kiwi fish and chips, ciaran dropped me off at my airport motel for my bright and early departure!


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