fun in firenze

ponte vecchio - started the bright and sunny day with a walk by the river to the famous bridge, where i drooled over all of the beautiful jewels.

david replica #2 - nearby the uffizi galleries is the palazzo vecchio, outside of which stands another of the david replicas in florence. also some other very excellent marble statues that we tried to appreciate while the throngs of tourists packed the piazza della signora on their way to the uffizi.

il porcellino - a bronze statue in the mercato nuovo where you rub the nose and put a coin in its mouth that drops through the grate below so that you may return to florence! very fun if you can get your turn with the pig!

carousel ride - on our wanderings we stumbled across a piazza with a carousel and we couldn't resist the entertainment for a few euros.

officina profumo farmaceutica di santa maria novella - a really old perfume and pharmaceutical store, it smelled amazing.......

uffizzi galleries - the guidebooks said it was impossible to get through these galleries in one day, but we figured we would try. and we did manage as we only had a few hours to complete the place before it closed. when we had passed by earlier in the day there were lines out the door and down the block, so we came back later in the evening and it was not so severely crowded.

more gellato - this was a place of many, many flavours and i think i got pistachio and coconut :)


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