lazy in linlithgow

because reuben was heading to rome and i didn't fly to copenhagen until the 8th, i needed a place to stay in scotland on the 7th. luckily, lisa and andrew were only a short train ride away and had a spare bed. so, with much preparation made by reuben (he's so cute when he organizes things for me - down to the phonecall saying 'you should be on the train right now, did you make it?') i made it to little linlithgow. after a quick drive through tour of the town by andrew, we made it to the (not so little) farm where they are working. lisa apparently drank too much at our night out and was vegging out on the couch in front of the tv all day and i gladly joined her. and there we stayed, stuffing wood in the fire and watching shows all day long. when andrew got home, we went out for chinese (mmmmmm) and then decided to watch a movie. i was out within 15 minutes of starting the movie and was probably drooling all over them, but they let me sleep the whole way through. and while i slept like a baby the whole night, poor andrew was hurt from a welding mishap during the day.....


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