what a boar!

i am sorely behind on my blogging so i will just hit the highlights of each day now, you'll get the idea!

the markets - our first stop in the morning and once we actually found them, they were good fun! lots of people and merchandise and i finally found a purse! it turns out that these were the best markets we would experience on our tour of italy. possibly the nest part was the food: roasted boar sandwich!! stuffed with lots of spices and served in cold slices on a plain long crusty bread - absolutely delicious!

car - with much drama, the car was sorted out in mostly working order....

david #1 - he handsomely stands in the middle of the piazzale michelangelo overlooking the city. we had a look at the great panorama at sunset before heading down to the city for dinner.

dinner with the boys - scott, reuben, marie and i headed back down into town in a direction that the boys had seen some restaurants during their day out in florence. we settled on a nice little place on the corner where we sat outside and enjoyed a relatively mild evening with wine and pasta and relaxation.


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