like a racehorse named netto

unlike racehorses, we are quite slow - especialy in the morning. but after a nice sunny breakfast with marie's parents, we were off!... to the market to stock up on supplies for the trip, which obviously included a lot of snacks from netto.

12:00 we were really off! the trunk was stuffed and the back seat was pretty full - mostly of food (like yummy homemade sausage rolls!), so we were fully loaded and excited! not too long afterwards, we made it to the ferry. by the time we finished our sausge roll and faxe kondi meal, we were in germany!

and you know what? there wasn't even a welcome to germany sign! the radio stations, however, were all german, so it took a lot of flipping through the stations to find something we could listen to. after hearing 'i kissed a girl' about 20 times, it was finally getting dark so we decided it would be time to start looking for a campsite. unfortunately, the gps (a.k.a. the lady) didn't list any.

and here starts our first travel adventure! we stopped at a gas station and decided to ask. luckily the woman behind the counter spoke english and told us just head to niederbeisheim, next to oberbeisheim. yeah.. that easy! after leaving the station, desperately clutching the piece of paper with the two myseterious names on it, we punched them into the gps. after winding through some country roads, we finally did see signs for the campingplatz. we pulled up at dusk to the bar and peeked our heads inside to see about half a dozen elderly guys staring wide-eyed at us. this is where i nudge marie to do the talking and we find the guy behind the bar does speak some english and he shows us a spot to put our tent and something about the balcony of the building next to it. i thought he said don't go there if it rains and marie heard something completely different... we will never really know. in fact, i opted not to talk because anytime i said anything he just stared at me...

so the first time we put up our tent was almost completely in the dark, but even then it only took about 15 minutes - pretty good for a massive 4(or 6?) person tent! within a half an hour we were sipping asti from our oversized wine glasses at the foldout table in the middle of our two sleeping compartment tent and snacking on (more) sausage rolls by soft candle light.. how romantic.


Unknown said…
Great photo! ))) Bravo)))

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