the complicated way to copenhagen

...but like good hard kiwis, andrew and lisa got up at some pre-light hour to drive me to the airport to start my journey to denmark! as ridiculous as it sounds, it was actually cheaper to fly from edinburgh to east midlands and then east midlands to copenhagen, so it was a bit of a busy day on and off planes until i finally touched down in another new country. i arrived on a rather pretty day so i could see a good deal of the landscape while flying. it also meant i got a good little tour of the city when marie was driving me back to her building.

now i haven't seen marie in over a year, so we had a bit of catching up to do - you know the kind of stuff that you just never get around to communicating by phone or email or chat.

after hanging out at marie's hall for a bit, we headed out for a night at the tivoli gardens. we actually came on a perfect evening - not too crowded, not too chilly and there was one hour of free rides! so we made a mad dash from ride to ride and managed to just make it through each one, even this one, which i thought might make acrophobic marie wet her pants. successfully staying dry, we washed down our adrenaline with a tasty steak before heading home.


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