south to san gim and siena

left florence and headed south!

san gimignano was crawling with tourists! it must be a pain to actually live there. after we wandered off the main streets, it was sunny and delightfully quiet and the corners of town had the most amazing views of the surrounding countryside. heaps of towers, too, but we didn't go up into any of them. there was even a nice looking winery (surprise, surprise - it is italy!), but we opted to pick up some cheap bottles at the grocery store instead. the most entertaining part of the day was our last stop for coffee at a cafe with an incredibly cranky and confrontational lady behind the counter who yelled at everyone headed in the direction of the bathroom 'buy first, THEN use toilet!!'

arrived in siena just as the sun was getting low. we picked out a nice, big plot and proceeded to cook dinner on our charcoal grill. luckily when one of the staff walked by he just warned us not to burn anything down since they were technically illegal. we made friends with him before when we needed to open up a bottle of wine so he seemed to trust us.


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