unofficial atawhai reunion

it's amazing we found space for aaron in the car, but we managed to wedge him into the back. we only managed to get around the corner before the car was acting up again, overheating this time. with a few jiggles things were relatively ok and we pressed onto zurich.

in zurich it rained... alot... but that didn't stop us from dragging our stuff up to rafael's (huge) apartment, with a few hugs along the way of course! after some catch-up chatting, we decided to head outside and see what sights we could through the fog and drizzle. first stop for me was to buy an umbrella. then we were on our way to the shopping area and lakefront. apparently it's quite gorgeous on a nice day, with the glistening water and mountains in the background. but today was pretty gray.

we decided to head back to the apartment as we were all feeling cold, wet and tired. i personally was a bit under the weather already, which is no fun for sightseeing. while everyone piled upstairs to dry off and get warm, i decided to go for another short wander by myself in order to find a purse - something i had been lacking the whole trip so far. for some reason, however, zurich didn't like my money as both of my credit and debit cards were rejected in three different stores. eventually i was headed back when i stumbled upon a familiar store - bang-on! this was the little t-shirt shop that was my very first job in nyc in the east village, which ultimately led me to meet a good portion of my nyc friends! small world..

after getting back to rafael's and changing into warm clothes, it was dinner time! dinner was a fairly big event with two of rafael's friends and even tanja (who is now living a bit outside or zurich) joining us! it's amazing that five of us who met in a little town in new zealand were now all together in the middle of switzerland.

the rest of the night was quiet, just hanging out in front of the tv, napping, chatting and staying warm.


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