inside a skeleton

/ vertebrae necklace by molly epstein via street anatomy /

on saturday morning when i was relaxing in the meditation portion of my bodybalance class, i must have been half dreaming, but i was imagining climbing up a giant skeleton spine like a ladder all the way up to the skull. when i reached the very last vertebrae, i peaked into the skull and saw the whole thing filled with translucent dream-like images and landscapes. there were colours and sounds filling the entire inside and i stepped into the a grassy lawn in front of me. as i wandered farther in, the setting changed and morphed into new scenery. new people, noises and scents surrounded me as i climbed, crawled and ran around inside the never ending space inside the skull, as though i was passing through every memory, thought and feeling one might find inside a head.

/ light and shadow sculpture by avahaney /

and before i knew it, it was time to get up and go home. some days i'm afraid i'll start snoring.

/ baby skull necklace by michellechangjewelry /

/ body painting by michele perry in the fantasy section of 2008 nz body art awards /


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