everything's coming up roses and tomatoes

/ roses from reuben's grandparents /

reuben's grandparents came for dinner this evening and brought a big batch of their roses for us. reuben made a delicious beef mince pie for dinner and i made some average brownies for dessert. i should have made them from the box, i think they would have turned out better.

/ tequila sunrise rose /

earlier this afternoon, reuben's parents came by to have a look at our new garden box and noticed that in my big pot of basil and cilantro there were some tomato invaders! shows how much i've been paying attention to that pot, i didn't even notice that there were tomato plants in there. they must have come from the vermicast that i mixed in with the potting soil before i put the herb seeds in. so far they look like they are doing just as well as the tom plants we got from the nursery. now i just have to find somewhere to put them...


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