life on a laptop

/ what i stare at for too many hours a day /

i'm so tired of editing and feeling like i'm getting nowhere! and it's already january 10th!! (happy anniversary mom and dad!)

maybe laptop life would be more fun with decals :)

/ snow's revenge by vinyville /

/ i heart apple pie by lastfuse - so wonderfully geeky! /

/ sleeping cat with eyes open by signchick1 /

/ octopus by freshdecals - my favourite one! /

not computer-related, but decal-related - these are by the same people that do the laptop decals and i LOVE them and want all of the stockings on this site:

/ octopus tattoo tights by post - love, love, love them /

p.s. because reuben has requested i talk about him more, i will share that reuben made 3 and 3/4 meals today. yum - i'm looking forward to lunch tomorrow :)


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