say, i know you

/ in the middle of making bread /

ok, so the mike fleming i know doesn't work at my bank, he's an artist/musician/writer/creative guy. but it still made me giggle to see the name on the bank letter.

/ balloons photo from mike's website /

the fleming crew are like extended kuzmiak family and i was pretty happy he made it along to my birthday party in philly last year. seems like ages ago! i had such a great time with mike, kathryn, aj, geoff and christine, eating ourselves silly and sipping on yummy cocktails :)

/ organic tagua nut necklace by judysdesigns /

another warm and sunny day makes me in the mood for fun multicolours.


Mike Fleming said…
i think i will make business cards that say "Head Of Card Operations." I love the jewelry piece paired with my balloon photo! hope all is well!
erica anne said…
i definitely think you should! all is well, busy but good! i hope the same for you :)

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