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i think this year will be all about health. health for ourselves and health for our planet and our fellow inhabitants. there are so many amazing environmentally revolutionary creations in architecture, business and daily life that have popped up that i find absolutely amazing and inspiring. it isn't realistic to think that there will be an end to pollution and environmental abuse by some (or many) people or institutions, by the eco revolution really highlights the adaptability and genuine creativity of human beings.

/ the united nations has declared this year the international year of biodiversity /

while i think the positive forces are strong and intelligent, i don't hold out much hope for things that are already in decline, like so many critically endangered species. i think the loss of biodiversity and amazing, unique creatures is horrible, but i am also fascinated by the 'natural' process of evolution, which is driven by some of the most unnatural human practices. i think the problem that faces conservation is the thought that humans should be taken out of the equation, when that is not a realistic goal. effort should be made to keep human impact to a minimum, but from another point of view, isn't it fascinating to see how some species have evolved to cope with the impact that has been made? sure, starlings and cockroaches and cane toads aren't pretty animals, but they're the survivors and just imagine what they will be like in 100 years, or a thousand years. we would probably be surprised at what plants and animals will be alive in 100 years and what they have evolved into. who knows what kind of new and fascinating life forms will flourish in this new global environment that we're creating. earth has never been static, with or without humans. it's had eruptions, earthquakes, moving continents, species being born and species dying off and we humans are only a small blip on the timeline. the question is, are we adaptable enough to survive what earth has in store for us?

/ tshirt made from 100% recycled plastic bottles by a lot to say /

will we push along the radical environmental changes that are already happening by continuing to be wasteful and oblivious to how those alterations are actually affecting us? or will we use our creativity to work with the world around us and the conditions we've created to make our existence truly amazing?

/ paper made from elephant poo from the natural history museum in london /

from clothing made from recycled bottles to paper made from poo - we obviously have amazing amounts of imagination and innovation inside of us, so why not use it?

/ seedboms by kabloom09 will plant wildflowers wherever thrown /


garymj said…
No No No elephant poo paper guys...there MUST be better uses for poo, like traditional fertilizer for GREEN things. Besides, what will the person you sent your 'crap' to think of you ? And the digital age wants us all not to use up earth resources like paper !
erica anne said…
realistically the elimination of paper usage isn't going to happen anytime soon, so paper from a recycled source makes much more sense than using raw trees! besides, with the amount of high-cellulose diet animals in zoos nowadays, there should be enough to satisfy the poo paper maker AND the poo gardener.

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