/ freshly washed herbs from my potted garden - basil, rocket and parsley /

we had reuben's parents over for dinner tonight and i aimed to use as many of my garden-grown veggies as possible. which wasn't a lot, but they added a nice touch. i added some sweet basil to my homemade spinach dip and some rocket topped my white wine poached blue warehou and veggies. and i sent some parsley home with them because we have more than we can use. it still hasn't been hot enough for the basil to really take off, but the few leaves here and there are quite tasty.

we got rid of the picnic table on the balcony to make room for more plants and tomorrow reuben and his dad are planning to build a few garden boxes for some lettuces and possibly some beans. fingers crossed we have at least another month of 'warmth'!


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