a is for aardvark

/ ecovark i found a while ago on etsy but now doesn't exist /

aardvarks are pretty awesome little strange animals.

/ found on zooillogix /

as many times as i've passed the philadelphia zoo (usually while lost), i've never been to visit. we were thinking about going to the wellington zoo when we were down there last, but we were exhausted after seeing te papa. i'm hoping we'll be able to go down sometime before it turns winter again.

speaking of awesome and strange animals - scientists have found the origin of the tasmanian devil facial tumours! hopefully that means a cure or method of containment can be found soon to help save this species.

reuben doesn't agree, but i think this pic looks a little bit like aston when he sticks his teeth out.

/ mahlee from the australia zoo - you can adopt her! /


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