nebulous - synonym: woolly

/ the veil nebula on hubblesite /

per my facebook status request, reuben got me a thesaurus for christmas :) dorky? yes. and even dorkier is that sometimes i look up words just for fun, even if i know what they mean. so today i looked up nebulous and the last entry was woolly. and then i pictured an enormous multicoloured sheep floating in space, which made me laugh..

/ blue moon eclipse via astronomy picture of the day /

i saw this great photo of the new years eve lunar eclipse on my favourite astronomy website today - the astronomy picture of the day, or apod if you're in the know. sometimes i like to just browse the archives for pictures of a new favourite nebula, star formation or other phenomenon.

/ earth and moon from the galileo spacecraft via scientific american slideshow /

and what i love just as much is astronomy in fashion and art! i've found heels that look like stars and ones that are painted with planets, but check out these sneakers i stumbled upon today:

/ carina nebula keds shoes on zazzle /

i generally dislike sneakers, but i would definitely wear these! i think i'm going to have to start painting my own shoes this year. and maybe sewing a great dress like this one - i love the print!

/ risto bimbiloski galaxy print dress /

/ drawing that made me giggle by tinyevilhog on behance network /


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