don't follow me

/ let's do the twist dress on modcloth /

when i was doing some errands in town today, i saw a bus whose destination sign on the front of the vehicle read DON'T FOLLOW ME. i mean, i was pretty tempted to do a u-turn and follow that city bus somewhere really cool, but since i got that warning message, i decided just to stick with going to the post office.

love, love, love this dress and shoes :) unfortunately i dropped my iphone smack in the middle of the road on my way to body balance on saturday and cracked the screen and if my insurance claim doesn't go through, i won't be buying any shoes or dresses anytime soon! grrrr!!

/ celina rock and republic heel on /

school photos tomorrow... what to wear, what to wear...?! maybe i should crimp my hair like i did in the first grade.


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