in need of entertainment

i'm sitting in the human nutrition lab getting very hungry and rather bored. i brought along my thesis editing to do, but now the food headache is preventing me from thinking clearly! i had to fast since midnight last night and i've been here since 8am and peeing in a cup every half hour for a sugar absorption study at massey. i only realized at my 10th visit to the bathroom that i had my undies on backwards. that just goes to show you how poorly i perform before noon. it was also around noon that they brought in the sandwiches that they're giving us after the study, which isn't until 3:30pm! very cruel to flaunt food three hours before you can eat it. anyway, i've turned to youtube for some distraction.

this commercial cracks me up, but not as much as my favourite pineapple lumps commercial. it's hilarious because it represents the kiwi attitude so perfectly.

found this little ditty, which i found slightly amusing. it is true that you do have to dig realllllly deep to find the good parts of this town sometimes. obviously my personal gems are food-related, like yatai, frsh central and the village wine trader. reuben's mom put us on to steve's bulk barn, which sells some of the most delicious puhoi cheese for $3 and $4 a wedge. they've also got all those unusual organic ingredients that i occasionally run into in some of my recipes, like quinoa flour.

ok, youtube quickly bores me if i'm not looking for something in particular, so i've moved on to my podcasts: science and the city 'why him, why her'.


Unknown said…
Way to do your part for science! [And the underwear part totally had me laughing...not that I'VE ever done such a thing!] I'm a bit behind on the blog reading-business, so perhaps I'll leave you lots of comments to read today. :)

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