natural history

may 18th was apparently international museum day, and tomorrow finishes off international museum week. happy museum-going everyone!

/ the most A-mazing beetle belt via sea of shoes /

the american museum of natural history is advertising a position i would love - curatorial assistant for mammology and ornithology. the best part is that i have most of the skills they're after, which means i'm on the right path for getting a curatorial job at some point!

/ bughouse chess by aquakej /

i haven't done too much for the whanganui exhibit this week as i'm down to pretty much my last task and that is trying to find an e-waste game of some sort to show how electronics are recycled. at my last meeting, however, the curator didn't seem to put much emphasis on it so i'm wondering if the idea might be scrapped anyway. we shall see.

/ victorian scarab and sterling brooch on paris hotel boutique /

looking forward to wellington this weekend. fingers crossed the weather is nice!


Unknown said…
Would that you could get that job at AMNH - what fun to have you guys back in NYC!

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