biodiversity day

/ view of kapiti island on our way out of wellington /

i still would like to do a tour of kapiti island one day, i'm sure it would be a great destination to check out new zealand's biodiversity. yes, today is biodiversity day and while we should have gone to the wellington zoo to see what they had on, we just did a bit of window shopping and a bit of eating on a perfectly sunny and clear morning.

/ recycled vinyl records huias by recordbreaker /

we needed to make it back by the afternoon for a small family get together to celebrate reuben's dad's mom's 87th birthday. i met another one of the aunties who was visiting from australia, so i've got one more face to a name in reuben's big family... i'll be lucky to keep them all straight!


Unknown said…
Thankfully, the Kuzmiak family is pretty small. Easy to keep track of us... :)

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