warm thoughts

/ decor maison wallpaper display via home interior design /

this picture always makes me think of a hot, happy and lazy summer day. and i need to look forward to that weather because it has suddenly snapped into winter as of yesterday. goodbye autumn!

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i invited nicki to go to a body step class with me tonight as i've been wanting to check out some of the other group classes at the gym. except.... i looked at the wrong day on the schedule and we actually showed up for the body pump class. for all of those unfamiliar with les mills classes, the body pump is a weight lifting class and for all of those unfamiliar with me, i'm not the weight lifting kinda gal!

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but nicki gave me a nudge and in we went. she had been before so she knew what to do but i was pretty lost so i had the instructor pick out some weights for me. and then the next 'holy crap what am i doing moment' - the only spots left were smack dab in the front row.

/ daffodil from the former bloomacious site, now carrieleber.com /

well, there i was so there was no turning back! and i must say i surprised myself and made it through the whole class (ok, so i had a grand total of 6 kilos of weights, but that's beside the point) and i didn't dislike it. i might change my mind tomorrow when muscles i didn't even know i had are so sore i can't move, but for now i'm optimistic.


Unknown said…
Way to go, Missy! I liked weights when I was personally trained. Not saying I was good at it, though. Hehehe.
vint junky said…
aw that caravan pic is immense!


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