growing up

/ yellow pages phonebook cover 'growing up' by charlotte clark /

i just love this painting that's on the new phonebook. i guess i'm a sucker for cute animals - what a surprise!

/ new sprouts in my garden /

the garden has been growing nicely this week and the spinach, lettuce and broccoli have finally sprouted (though you can't see them in this pic). you can see my pretty patch of rocket, though.

/ fat cats in front of the 'fire' /

and speaking of growing, the cats are getting huge! or at least aston is. you can't tell here, but he's a whole kilo bigger than noli and he can now stretch his paws up high enough to reach the kitchen counter. you would think that would make him more trouble, but he's actually ridiculously lazy.

ok, off to sleep. probably with a cat on my pillow/head.


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