tights and sweaters and onions, oh my!

/ brown lacy tights from AD /

i took a few snapshots of the birthday clothes from mom and dad and aunt dogs that i said i would share so here they are. love them all :)

/ spring onion harvest /

i made some spring onion soup with these, which i think turned out pretty well. i like making veggie soups lately, they're a great way of staying warm and eating my five a day! feel free to share any especially delish (and easy) recipes!

/ black sweater from mom and purple flower tights from AD /

and as of a few days ago, the garden is looking a lot less overgrown as i finally took out the bean and tomato plants. aston has been trying to eat as many of the bean leaves as he can steal and drag inside, which is hilarious and annoying at the same time. the pepper plant is still in and doing great with 6 green chillis and one that is just turning red. i will see if i can dry out some seeds to plant next year. there is now a row of rocket that's just poking through and today i planted a few broccoli, spinach and frilly lettuce seeds to see if we can manage raising some yummy winter crops.

/ nice looking sky in the background /


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