sick days

/ ingrid anderson tui tea towel /

i took another sick day today and boy did it feel good to get some good rest. all last night aston insisted on sleeping right on top of me, which really wasn't helping the fact that i was all congested and coughing and just generally uncomfortable. so while i felt really crappy at about 7:30 this morning, i'm feeling much, much better now.

/ tea sub via swissmiss /

i've been drinking heaps of tea since reuben got sick this weekend, namely raspberry echinacea and chamomile mint. yum! i would have loved this awesome tea sub for the loose hibiscus tea i got from the herb farm a while ago.

/ hedgehog hand towel by patapri on supermarket /

i got to catch up with emma briefly this evening for coffee after her conservation biology class but before she headed back to rotorua. she brought along some of her classmates and we had a good geeky ecology chat, laughing about introducing cheetahs back to north america and about the true definition of a species. yeah, gotta love us dorks ;)

/ hanger tea via swissmiss /

reuben and i also went to nicki's house for dinner tonight, which was nice since we haven't caught up with nicki in a while. her two french flatmates joined us and apparently helped nicki make a delicious lemon meringue pie, made with fresh lemons from the neighbours. i may have mentioned before how much i love the lemons here - so much sweeter than the varieties you get at home. i had also never had lemon meringue pie served warm before but i really enjoyed it.

/ lush designs wild pig tea towel /

i loved visiting this lush designs store when we lived in greenwich - so many cute things. and greenwich markets with all the food... i'm getting hungry again...!


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