diy wardrobe week project #2

(photo bombed by noli!)
ok, the sewing machine is out of commission until i find out why my bobbin keeps randomly popping out! it got stuck last night and i think something might have gotten bent out of shape (other than me after i stuck the bobbin back in for what felt like the millionth time...). so for my challenge i had to find other projects that didn't involve a lot of sewing. fortunately (or unfortunately), my bag of projects is literally overflowing, so i was spoilt for choice.

buttons and seams were on the agenda. i had three sweaters that i picked up for very cheap because of missing buttons and fraying seams. i had put them off for so long because i didn't have the right thread and then i didn't have the right needles, but finally the universe has aligned in such a way that i had both of these items in my possession!

so i have now added back into my wardrobe three patched sweaters - and just in time for the cold snap we got recently! winter just keeps smothering the little glimpses of spring with pouring rain, frigid wind and the occasional assaults of sleet. i admit, the sweater repairs aren't the most creative of my craft projects, but the lack of sewing machine meant i had to go with whatever i could find at the last minute.


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