diy wardrobe week project #5... sort of..

/ one button repaired before i left for work /
today was going to be another day of button and seam repairs, but while i was away at work, jan came over and got the sewing machine going! i still don't know what i suddenly started doing wrong to make it act up, but it was working just fine when i got home so i started up a project i had abandoned earlier in the week. i actually got rather distracted reading the sewing machine manual (i know, it sounds like stimulating literature, doesn't it?)... so much so i had to abandon the project and finish off some presentation prep for the fish talk that angela and i are giving tomorrow at te manawa.

that means i won't be wearing anything new/repaired to work tomorrow, but hey, i think i still managed to keep up with my personal challenge pretty well and i should have something newly sewn by the end of the day.


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