pretty in pink

/ displeased kitty ornament by 5erg /
this is generally my feelings toward the color pink. i've never been a pink girly girl, at least not within my memory. yes, i loved ballet and dressing up in fairy wings, but past the age of 5 i don't recall much pink in my life (except maybe that horrid pink jacket i had in elementary or middle school, ugh). one would think that i wouldn't mind pink being that i love red so much, but no, it just doesn't do anything for me.
/ pink lily watercolor by julia sclar, sister of my childhood friend kathryn /
however, october is breast cancer awareness month here, so i thought i would put together some pink things i can get on board with.

/ the owls mini coin purse by misala /
i don't really use coin purses, but i really like them for some reason. the few that i do have, i use to hold jewelry or other little bits and pieces in my purse. 

/ off to the graces dress on modcloth /
i have a couple weddings to go to next year so i've been dress hunting already, this would be a really cute one, so nice and summery, plus i love hi-low hemlines.

/ on a suhi roll socks by modcloth /
i doubt i have to explain why i love these (sushi!). i've already started putting together my christmas wishlist and these are definitely on it.

/ sila powder patent heels by kensie /
i have to say of all pinks, a dusty rose or salmon are my preferred shades and i just love the wedge heel on these. i wouldn't mind adding these to my wardrobe at all, though reuben and i are already fighting over closet space so i really shouldn't be buying anymore shoes...

/ mr tea mug by lennymug / 


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