diy wardrobe week project #4

today - pompom socks! this project had two things i've wanted to try for a while: mini pompoms and socks made out of tights that were too torn to be wearable (even for derby!). you know i love recycling old things just as much as making new ones, so this was a great way to do both.

i found a tutorial somewhere showing how to make mini pompoms on a fork and they were pretty easy. as for the socks, i started by making a thick elastic loop that fit snugly just above my ankle. then i cut off the tights about 8 inches above the ankle and put them on in order to position everything. with the socks rolled up, i slipped on the elastic loop and positioned it just above my ankle. i then rolled the top of the sock down over the elastic and sewed it in place. lastly, i added on the dangling pompoms.

i personally think they turned out super cute and i kinda can't wait to make something else with pompoms!


AdinB said…
Cute pompom socks and awesome heels. :)

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