palmy's bride of the year competition

let me summarize: 
we had to show up IN our dresses at the stage door by 3:30pm. (that's leesa next to me)

it was one of the coldest winter days we've had in months and there wasn't any heat on in the theatre. my dress doesn't even have lining, let alone petticoats and layers of satin. i was FREEZING.

we went through a rehearsal - where to walk, where to stand, look up, smile.

it was a bit surreal wandering around with so many brides, i was mostly making sure not to step on everybody else's dress, luckily i didn't have the same problem.

yep, that's me about to go do my walk.

yep, that's my unimpressed face.

no wonder i didn't make the top ten, haha! actually, the top ten was predictably uninspired - not a single non-off the rack dress, nothing with any character, mega-blah. oh well, another life experience to add to the list!

(last 2 photos by peter mcdermott photography, see slideshow here)


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