vietnam via etsy

/ portrait of vietnam by relativemarmalade /
dominique has been living in vietnam for a couple months now and because i know very little about the country, i thought i would do a little investigating. instead of just going straight to wikipedia, i thought i'd try a different route first - etsy.
/ northern vietnam landscape by artmelissa /
it was interesting to see what kind of imagery was out there, such rich and vibrant colours.

/ light in the dark by ddisillusion /
the part of the us where i grew up didn't have a strong relationship with any asian cultures, and vietnam seems to only have negative connotations in the states, as if the only thing important about the country is the huge scar that the vietnam war left on ours.

/ red temple photograph by monkeyball / 
i certainly am in no way downplaying what an important part the vietnam war played in the history of the us, but there is clearly more to this country. down here in nz, there is a much closer relationship with asia. here, southeast asian countries are seen as places to discover, not memories to be feared; it's a refreshing attitude.

/ irresistibly cute hmong stuffed animal by mayly1 /
i'm far too chicken to visit a place like vietnam by myself, but i am much more interested with the thought that i know a (now) local. not sure i have enough time and money to swing a trip to visit dom before heading back to the states, but if i could combine it with a visit to singapore to see holly... it could just work...

/ vietnamese food humor t-shirt by theshirtdudes /


Holly said…
A cool approach to exploring! And yes, yes, YES: Singapore. It's a great taste of Asia, without a ton of commitment & some of the associated challenges of travel in SE Asia. Plus, our guest room (uhh...once we find an apartment!) is always open!!! :)

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