/ close up /
apparently the earth emits a 'chorus', which sounds to me a bit like a cross between a whale song and stark trek sound effects.

what else makes earth noises? this world of wearable art entry by my coworker jennie munro:

/ luckily i had matching cloud white skin /
because i'm the same body proportions as the models in the wow show (i wish i had been able to audition as a wow model, but it would have required me taking a significant amount of time off work for rehearsals and shows in wellington, bummer!), jennie had me try on her costume to test the fit and take photos for her entry. underneath the skirt was a thunder noise maker which boomed as i walked, and the staff was a rain stick.

hopefully i'll get to try on jennie's entry next year!

/ a bit like a rain ballerina /


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